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Why are the Markets so Difficult to Conquer?

Most brokers agree that 90% of all traders lose money, 5% of them break even, and only 5% make money. These statistics are not that encouraging for us traders, but it is the reality.

I have good news for you though, the mistakes that cause this rate of failure are common and we have already identified most of them.

Some of these common mistakes are because they are lured into trading for the wrong reasons, and some others because they fail to work through some guidelines.

Being aware of these common mistakes and by learning to take the proper steps to deal with them, the odds will change in your favor.

Topics covered in this lesson:

Section II: The Search for the Holy Grail

Some traders spend most of their trading careers trying to find the perfect system and fail to realize where the key to success is.

Section III: Looking for Easy Money

Trading successfully is no easy task, it is achievable but requires a lot of work and time.

Section IV: Looking for Excitement

Being called a Forex trader is exciting, but having negative returns month after month is not.

Section V: Not Having a Business Plan

A business plan is like a roadmap that will not only tell you when things are right but also when things go wrong.

Section VI: Not Having a System

Our job as traders is to generate consistent profits, and the only way to get there is through a trading system that fits your needs as a trader.

Section VII: Not Using Money Management

MM helps us avoid the risk of ruin, but at the same time it allows us to geometrically increase our profits.

Section VIII: Lack of Discipline

Having a trading plan and a business plan is not enough, we need to strictly follow all our rules.

Section IX: Not Being Aware of Human Nature

Some behavior that might seem logical on our everyday life, could be disastrous to our trading career.

Section X: Not Being Psychology Tuned

Being aware of the most common psychological barriers will put us one step ahead.

Section XI: Summary Report

A brief summary of the chapter