3 rules to beat todays market (possible trade in the EURAUD)

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difficult markets

Hey traders, its been a while since the last time I wrote an article, I apologize for that, but I took off most of the last week!!! (because of Easter, hope you had a happy Easter by the way).

Ok, now back to the markets…

If you have been following the markets in the last few months, you know that it has been difficult to trade because of the wild swings we have seen lately…

Still, there are a few things that you can do right now, to take advantage of the current market conditions:


I’m going to trade these two pairs (with possible entry levels)

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technical indicators

Traders, I hope you had a great weekend! And had some rest because you are going to need it!

Last week was a difficult week to trade, we had plenty of fundamental announcements: interest rates, NFP, Central Banks conferences, etc, etc, etc.

No wonder why so many traders and investors didn’t trade much in the last two weeks, you can see that because of the low volume and small ranges (i.e. GBPUSD hourly chart)…

But things should be different now.

Now, there are a few currencies that are still trading in a consolidation period, they should be out of it by the end of the week.

And that’s good news for us, usually when the market gets out of those consolidation periods it really moves, so I think we all should be ready when it happens.

GBPAUD Long Signal

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Slow Market

Hey Trader, the market has been slow this week hasn’t it?

Yesterday I’ve got an email from fellow trader… he was asking me if there was something wrong with the market, he thought that it was so slow.

And he is right, the market has been slower than usual, but, is it something we should be alarmed with?

Of course not.

There are weeks like this one, the only thing that we need to do is to be extra careful with our trades, you dont want to be trapped in a trade that barely moves, do you?

So focus in the levels and pairs that have the highest probability of moving in one direction over the other.

Plus, let me tell you something… there is always something:

One little trick to help you choose what currency pairs to trade

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Hey traders how is everything? How is your trading going so far this week?

I want you to tell me something… How do you decide what currency pairs are you going to trade each day?

Do you do some kind of analysis before you start trading? Or you just pick randomly the currency pairs? Or word yet… you trade the same currency pair(s) every single day no matter what?

Think about that question… because I believe that the answer to that question could have a very large impact on your trading.

Think about it…

  • What if you traded only the currency pairs that have the clearest market conditions each day?
  • What if you only went long when the market was more likely to move up, or short when it was more likely to go down?
  • What if you were able to stay away from the currency pairs that are more likely to whipsaw?

Well… you can.

You just need to do your own analysis. And I’m going to show you how I do mine.

Analysis and how to deal with NFP

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Understanding the market

Hey traders, how is your trading going so far?

As most of you already know, tomorrow we’ve got the most important announcement of them all: The non-farm payrolls report.

And let me ask you one question: How do you deal with it? Do you still try to take advantage of it?

Those days, where the market moved 200 pips in one direction in just a few minutes are long gone.

Now it’s different. The market moves up, and down, and then again up… and most of the time it ends up where it all started.

Traders that used to place two orders (a buy above the market and a sell below the market) end up with two opened trades, a buy and a sell, and both of them in a loss.

So this is no longer a feasible strategy. Sorry.

But still, we need to learn to live with the NFP announcement and other important ones as: interest rates, GDP, trade balance, and others.

Here is how I deal with important fundamental announcements

Over the years I’ve seen that most of the time, the market takes these announcements as an excuse to move in the direction of the market condition.

2 possible entry signals

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Bull bear market

This one would be my 3rd delivery… What do you think so far about my analyses and its format? I’ll appreciate your feedback!

If there is one thing that I’d lie you to learn from my analyses is that there is nothing better than adapting to the market condition.

Sometimes it might seem easier to try to guess what the market is likely to do, but its far better to wait for the market to make its first move, only then you make your move.

And if there was a second thing that I’d like you to get is that sometimes the market (a currency pair) is not tradable.

Forget about choosing to trade a currency pairs because of its spread, or because you feel more comfortable taking longs (or shorts), or because you have an hunch about that currency pair.

Here is what I’m going to trade today

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forex analysis

This is my second delivery, please let me know what you think.

Disclaimer: There are just the pairs I’m going to trade (or looking for trades), this should not be taken as trade recommendations. If you doth agree with this, please stop reading and close this window.

Important fundamental announcements

First of all, I’d like to remind you that we’ve got plenty of important fundamental announcements later this week:


NZD Unemployment report


GBP Interest rate
EUR Interest rate


USD Non-farm payrolls report
CAD Unemployment report

Of course there are more than these, but these are the ones I consider have the potential to move the market.

Ok, now lets get to some charts

Here is your present…

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As promised, here is the analysis of the currency pairs I’m currently looking for trade opportunities.

Disclaimer: These are just the pairs that I’m going to trade (looking for trades), this should not be taken as trade recommendations. If you don’t agree with this, please stop reading now and close this window.

This is how I analyze the market

First I analyze the long term charts and look for the currency pairs that have the clearest market condition (clear swings and S&R levels).

Once I have a clear market condition, I look for my entries on the short term charts.

GBPCAD update and GBPAUD Trade Opportunity (1000 pips sounds good to you?)

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Forex Chart

Hey Traders, hope everything is going well so far in 2014!

I’m really interested in knowing what you think about how the markets have been moving so far in January?

Because let me tell you something, I’ve been watching all pairs, and some of them have been very difficult to trade, and with this I mean:

  • No clear support and resistance levels
  • No clear swings
  • Very volatile during news announcements

But not all of them, just the majors, the most traded currency pairs.

But that hasn’t been the case for other crosses, like the GBPCAD or the GBPAUD and others.

So here is my question: do you ever venture to trade those crosses? Even when the spread is larger than with the majors?

When I started to trade, I remember I looked for the currency pair with the tightest spread and just trade that one (it was the EURUSD of course).

GBPCAD Long Signal

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Support and Resistance levels

Last week I did write about the GBPCAD… I was waiting for it to break the short term range it has been trading in for the last couple of weeks…

Today I’ve been getting several emails about it, because you know what, the GBPCAD already broke that range…

The most common question I got in those email is:

Should I trade the breakout of the range?

My answer is: NO.

And here is why…

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