Intensive Forex Coaching

Learn in 4 weeks a system that will help you trade with consistent results.

Dont waste your time & money in tools that doesn't work.

Dive in directly into the tools and stuff that get results.

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How it works

The Forex coaching program is 100% online, includes: Videos (recorded coaching sessions), reading materials, live one-on-one coaching sessions, real-time trading, and other resources.

The intensive program will last for 4 weeks. We’ll meet 4 times per week (monday through thursday) through our online conferencing software. Each coaching session lasts for about 45 minutes and we’ll practice everything and trade during live market conditions.

All coaching sessions are recorded and you will be given a link to download each session.

We’ll also have group webinars, with other students.

At the end of the coaching program you will be issued a certificate of completion.

Topics covered during the program:

  • Long and short term analysis
  • Support and resistance levels
  • Risk & trade management
  • Trading psychology
  • The truth about technical indicators
  • How to deal with news announcements
  • Different types of entry signals
  • Elliot Waves and Fibonacci, do they work?
  • Strategy development
  • Capital management
  • How to trade with discipline & patience
  • Filters to define what currencies to trade
  • How to determine what direction to trade
  • Risk-reward ratio
  • Trailing stops and other strategies

Get the Intensive Forex
Coaching for US$2,499

The coaching program IS NOT for you if:

  • You are looking for easy money
  • You are looking for a magic formula or technical indicator
  • You are not ready to commit to this project
  • You want to get rich without working hard

This coaching program IS for you if:

  • You are ready to work hard and to commit to this project
  • You want to understand how the market moves and how to take advantage of it
  • You are serious about trading
  • You are ready to do what ever you need to do to make trading work for you

How much time do I need?

I understand that you might not have all the time in the world, but you don’t need it. I have students with a full time job, so if you have 2-3 hours a day to trade/practice, it should be enough. But as everything in life, the more time you put in, the more you get out of it.

With that being said, your previous trading experience is not important. If you are new to trading I’m going to give you some reading material before we start with the coaching sessions (I want you to make the most out of each coaching session). If you already know all those concepts, we can start right away with the coaching sessions.

For traders, money managers and institutional traders

The goal of this coaching program is to give you the knowledge, set of skills and tools you require to understand how the market moves and to trade with consistent results. This program will help you if:

  • You want to trade your own account
  • You want to manage your clients funds
  • Or if you want to work for an international bank

This is how I trade...

Over the years I have learned that trading is not about guessing or blindly following a technical indicator or magic formula.

It’s about understanding what the market is doing and what it is likely to do, and adapt your strategy to those market conditions.

And that’s exactly what I do every day.

The first thing I do in the morning is to determine which currency pairs to trade and which ones I’m going to stay away from.

I do this with a simple long term analysis (it takes only about a minute per chart).

I focus only in the currency pairs that have the greatest profit potential, and look for my entries on the short term charts.

All my entries are based on price action: high probability breakouts and retracement signals.

Once I’m in a trade, I use trade management techniques to increase the profitability of it: adding to my trade, scaling up my trades, etc.

If this type of strategy resonates with you, get in touch with me and I’ll show you how I can help you trade better.

Good trading!

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Starting on January 2014 I’m going to share with my students everything they need to get the feel of the market:

  • The currency pairs that I’m currently trading
  • Important support and resistance levels
  • What direction to trade each one of them
  • Possible entry and exit levels

I can only work with 2 - 3 traders per month


Since I know how important it is for you not only to achieve your goals, but make it happen as soon as possible, I can only work with 2 - 3 traders per month.

If you are serious about getting consistent results, move fast to secure your spot or get in the waiting line.

If the time is right and there is availability, we can start working together as soon as early next week.

Get the Intensive Forex
Coaching for US$2,499

Money Bak Guarantee

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If for any reason you decide the coaching program is not for you, just let me know within the first 30 days, show me that you did the work and I’ll refund 100% of your money. You only need to send me an email to I’ll do the rest.

I’m confident that my coaching program will deliver, but if you are not completely satisfied, I’ll give you back your investment!

Give it a try! I'm putting all the risk on me.

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Raul Lopez
Trader & Coach

Case Studies

Aaron Weavers from UK

Aaron Weavers, UK

Before taking the coaching program, what was your trading like?

Before taking the Advanced Coaching Program with Raul and StraightForex I felt directionless and stagnant with my trading. I didn’t use indicators, I dropped those some time ago and I traded using price action at support and resistance. I jumped from PA forum to forum , from one online course to another and spent some considerable money on education via playback videos and forum support. I felt frustrated that nothing seemed to click or help me with consistency. I felt paralysed by too much conflicting information about best pairs to trade , candle patterns to use, entry methods, RR, etc.

Now that you have taken the coaching program, how do you trade and how do you feel about it?

Now that I’ve completed Raul’s advanced program I am very happy that I took the decision to sign up. It was by far the best money I have spent on education. The one-on-one coaching from Raul helped me massively and has lifted the mental fog that had been holding me back. The technique and methodology taught is so simple. Now I feel confident about my analysis. I know which pairs I’m going to trade. I know where I’m going to enter and exit. I don’t wonder if what I’m doing is correct, or feel like I could be wasting my valuable time. I’ve taken trades which have realised greater R:R than I ever managed before. I am not an expert yet by any means, this methodology is not a ‘holy grail’, it will still take time to gain the trading and market experience, but my confidence in achieving my goal of consistent profitability is now real.

The primary benefits I have received from this program are clarity, confidence and patience . I no longer feel confused or hesitant about how I’m trading, and I don’t feel so uncomfortable with trading less and waiting for the right trades – I know the market is going to set me up and give me the chance to sit on a potentially very profitable trade.

Overall I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Raul’s one-on-one coaching to a trader that is not satisfied with his/her performance. Thank you Raul and StraightForex.

Paulo Duarte from Portugal

Paulo Duarte, Portugal

Before taking the coaching program, what was your trading like?

I would like to say that this training program, have completely changed my approach to the way I trade. Before this training program, I was a trader like many others that was struggling to keep my head out of the water, if I can use this image.

I used to trade with all those lagging indicators, like Stochastic, RSI, MACD, Bollinger Bands, PSAR and strategies like RSI, MACD and Stochastic divergence, etc, etc, etc…

How things changed since you took the coaching program?

Now, with this training program I started to REALLY get consistent profits.

What this program gave to me, was a VERY SIMPLE way to trade, a way that I feel comfortable to trade, and a way that gave to me more confidence as a trader, a way that, WITH NO DOUBT, I can trade with consistent profits.

For those, that are looking for the holy grail, THIS IS IT.

Once again, Thanks’ Raul for your dedication.

Ian Kiley, UK

Ian Kiley, UK

I would just like to thank you for providing an excellent service to anyone wishing to utilise your universal approach to analysing price action so as to identify high probability currencies pairs as well as appropriate setup’s which complement and enhance most styles of trading.

I was attracted to your service because no lagging indicators were required and without the ability to properly analyse price action then the odds are already against you.

Trading requires a certain discipline and consistency of approach and you’ve constantly kept me on the straight and narrow in this respect. I look forward to our training session where your experience as a trader is apparent and you always listen and politely suggest improvements.

In my opinion you offer an excellent value for money service and as the title suggest is straight forward. As we know, trading is a lonely occupation where you, the trader, must take responsibility for their actions and be prepared to commit the necessary time to become competent. Again your one to one support and patients is unrivalled.

I’d be happy to provide a reference to anyone considering your service

George Boustani from Australia

George Boustani, Australia

Before taking the coaching program, what was your trading like?

Before taking the StraightForex Forex Training, I tried many strategies using indicators such as stochastics, MACD, Moving averages and many more.

I was always trying to find a strategy that would consistently make winning trades, but that never happened. Also I was not using proper money management, I would get wins but they were not big enough to cover my losses. The bottom line was that I was not making any money or progress and I had to try something different.

That’s when I decided to take the SF Intensive Forex Training.

How things changed since you took the coaching program?

The strategy was very simple to understand and follow. No complicated formulae’s or indicators that had to line up. The one on one lessons trading live markets are great, you could actually see the system at work and the fact that the analysis is done at the beginning of the trading the day it takes out the bias decisions that are made in the heat of the moment.

The moment I am trading on my real account using this system. This course greatly improved my trading performance, and I have to say even though I am not yet fully dependant on the income that I generate from it, I can see that when I have perfected the system this could very well be possible, and that would come with more experience and time analyzing the market.

I would strongly recommend this course to anyone who wants to trade forex and keep it simple, it has done a great deal in helping me understand and trade the forex market.

Paul McDonagh, Canada

Before taking the coaching program, what was your trading like?

Before training with StraightForex, I used a collection of indicators and systems taken off the Web. Results were sporadic at best. For the most part, I found myself switching between systems almost daily, and wound up losing a fair amount of money. As a result of using these (random) methods, I decided to quit trading and began to look for methods based on price action only (no indicators).

Now that you have taken the coaching program, how do you trade and how do you feel about it?

The StraightForex method taught me to look at the market differently, more objectively. I learned to be patient and to wait for the right conditions before trading, and to understand that there are many opportunities to trade, and so to wait for the market to tell me what to do. I also learned the importance of evaluating my trading based on a large number of trades, rather than hoping to make money on just a few trades.

The system I learned in the program is simple and rational. It provides a way to look at the market that is clear, and enables a method of making trading decisions that is much clearer. I feel much more confident in my trading…I do not feel emotional, but rather more in control of my trading. I don’t chase a trade…I wait until conditions are right and then make my decisions.

It took me a couple of tours through the course with Raul before I “got it”, but since feeling that I have understood the system and what it has to teach, my results have been much better than previously.

I would heartily recommend this system to anyone seriously interested in trading, particularly those who are now using a shotgun approach to trading. The SF system will provide a basis on which to view the market, and a way to interact with it that is not random, but rather is considered, objective and effective.

Raul knows what he is talking about. He is a patient and well qualified instructor. If the fee associated with the course is considered the cost of learning these skills, it is money well spent.

Ready to start with your coaching?

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take me to implement the strategies learned and see results?

Results vary, and it depends on your level of commitment. If you practice and follow what you will learn you will start to see results within the first 4 months.

What if I only have 2 or 3 hours to trade each day?

I can help you develop a system that only requires you to watch the market 2 - 3 hours a day. the idea is to help you feel comfortable with your trading.

Is my payment secure?

Yes, absolutely. I use PayPal, the most renowned name in the online payment industry.

I’ve wasted a lot of money on other courses and training and most of them were useless...

I’m so confident about my coaching program that I offer you a complete 30 day money back guarantee. So the risk is on me, if for whatever reason you are not satisfied, just send me an email asking for a refund and I’ll do the rest.

Do I need to be tech savvy to take the coaching program?

Not at all. I will take you by the hand and show you everything, from the charting platform to every aspect of trading.

Is this a program for short or long term traders?

For both. If you like to trade on the long term chart we’ll focus in the long term charts, if you rather trade the short term charts, we’ll focus on those.